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Invincible Iron Man (2015) No. 1 Preview

As summer turns to autumn, leaves begin to die and we prepare for winter. Marvel Comics, on the other hand, springs into action this October beginning their line-wide re-launch of titles. Headlining that re-launch is Ol’ Shellhead himself, the Invincible Iron Man. This new series gives the first glimpse into the new Marvel Universe, a Marvel Universe that has survived whatever awaits our favorite heroes at the conclusion of Secret Wars (the conclusion to which, issue #9, is on sale this December).

Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man) has penned a fantastic debut issue that retains the additions to the character introduced in the previous volumes, but at the same time, tells a story that is very much about the Tony Stark that we all know and love. This new volume begins, as most do, with Tony finishing up construction of his new armor. Before long, he is hot on the trail of one of Iron Man’s oldest foes and into one of the most prominent (and hostile) locations in the Marvel Universe.

Frequent Bendis collaborator, David Marquez, provides the cover and interior art on the issue and, I have to say, is the star of this issue. Impeccable artwork and dynamic layouts convey this story in such a way that the action seemingly never stops. That is until the last page, which is a doozy.

With the reveals in this issue and the inclusion of characters not typically associated with Iron Man (Mary Jane Watson, who joins the cast in an upcoming issue, for example), I think this book is something of a melting pot of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel has made it clear that Invincible Iron Man is to be one of the “flagship” books on their publishing line going forward. This issue hammers that thought home.

Invincible Iron Man #1 goes on sale October 7th.

By Josh Vess (Desk of Vess)

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